Hi. Nice To Meet You.

What better way to start then by introducing myself.


I’m Amanda, But you can call me Jo (My Middle Name). Welcome to Scrumptious Chaos. This blog will be filled with food, food and more food. If  it’s eating out, at home, or at my parents house, I have a habit of taking photos of all of it. Thankfully I now have this outlet to share them on.

The Food:

Let’s be realistic, I am not a gourmet chef, I am also not a millionaire. I cannot have Prime Rib & Lobster every night. I try to find recipes that are “normal” but delicious, if they have a little twist in them, even better.  Trying new foods is always exciting, and as I get older I realize that it’s even more enjoyable.  I’m of course into Pinterest, so I get a lot of recipe’s and ideas on there. I even menu plan which puts me in the middle of lots of jokes around here. But they don’t seem to complain about any of the meals I make.

The Judges: aka. “they”

Hubby -The pickiest eater in the history of ever. There is a reason his nickname is Picky Ricky.  Ricky, who is the typical man. A meat & potatoes man that is. Loves the simple things. But after about 7 years of dating & marriage, i’ve gotten him to branch out to different things. Which means eating medium wings, and not plain/mild wings. Flavor has made it’s way onto his pallet. Still he is a tough cookie sometimes to please, when it comes to food.  Definitely my hardest critic.

Mama-  The home cooking lady. My mother has bestowed the art of Cooking upon me. She has raised me to know how to boil water, cook a hard boiled eggs, and thankfully make Chicken Noodle Soup, a husband pleaser on both ends. She has showed me what it means to be ” In the kitchen & cook a meal.” Mainly she has taught me that even though buying a meal from the store and throwing it in the oven may be cheaper and easier, it will most likely not be better, or more tasteful .

Papa- The experienced eater.  My Dad who was raised all over the Us, Has been exposed to Texan food as well as New York Style. By New York Style, I mean Buffalo, not NYC, there is a whole lot of NY outside of that city, including better food. He has been the biggest, and best role model a daughter can have. Plus he is one HELL of a baker.  This man makes a killer Apple Pie! He can take a recipe and make it his own.

Gammy- The Real Cook In The Family.  My grandma has been in my life, every day. I mean literally every day. I don’t think since the past few years that i had gone a day without seeing her, or/and talking to her. She is by far the most amazing woman i know. Watching her and my grandfather growing up has made me want 2 things in my life. 1. To have a marriage like that. It was a privilege to grow up and witness a love like that. And 2. To be a cook like my grandmother. Even thought my grandpa may not be here now, he taught me how to catch, cut, and cook a fish like a champ. If this lovely lady dives in for seconds, it’s a 5 star meal.

The Kitchen:

Tiny. Very Tiny. It has a stove, a sink, and the counter space of a doghouse. I know that “space” shouldn’t be an issue, But in a 1 bedroom apartment, space is an issue. I use half of that space for the coffee pot, and kitchen aid. Which should get more use then it does currently. This is the reason why the judges of my meals, include the 3 other people i see most often.  I use their kitchen all the time. With the hubby not always working the same hours, they get to reap the benefits of the meals. Plus i have a bad habit of cooking for a crowd instead of two.

Have a delicious night.

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