Brain Storming.

Happy Saturday!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I have a week off and I couldn’t be happier. This gives me time to organize some post so I’m not searching for something to write. I figured that maybe having a bit of a brainstorm on my desk was the answer, and it worked!


I know its messy, and not very pretty to look at, but it helped me decided what i want to post, or plan to eat on certain days. 

This is the plan:

Monday – Like most people, I dislike monday very much. It’s hard to wake up, it’s hard to really do anything productive that day.  This will be the “Manic Monday.” Meals for this day will be easy, fast, and delicious.  I’ll try to make them all Meatless. I am not a vegetarian, I tried, and passed a 30 day bet from my dad. The prize, a huge prime rib dinner. In this case, I can’t commit completely to a meatless monday. So if it’s not meatless it will have a type of beef in it.


Tuesday  – I know at work, we all dread Tuesdays. It’s not close enough to the weekend to be excited about what you did, and it’s not close enough to Friday to be exciting about what you’re doing.  This will be the “Treat Day.” Dinner plans will mostly contain Chicken.


Wednesday –  Hump Day and as my friend Jenny would say, she doesn’t limit herself to one day but that is besides the point.  This day of the week will be “Pork Night”, or “Slow Cooker Night.”  I hated having a Crock-Pot when i was little, i never understood why we had them until…. I decide to use one. I was in love. Literally. I put three on my wedding registry because I loved them so much.  With only working 6 hours a day, it’s easy to throw something together in the morning and have it ready when i get home. Plus the meals don’t have to be unhealthy or tasteless.


Thursday –  Friday Eve, These days are an earlier day for me, so I try to make it simple, and fast. Something that doesn’t take too much time, and can be thrown together. My usual answer for this type of day is, salad. My husband HATES them. It doesn’t matter what’s in them, he cannot stand them. So I try to use my Crock-Pot on these days as well, if not, it’s back to good old chicken. It might be the fact that my Pinterest has over 450 recipes in it’s chicken board.  So it’s “Crock or Chicken.”


Friday – TGIF. Friday’s are usually “Pasta Night.” I like to do adaptations on tradition dishes, stuffed shells, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, ect.  Changing or adding something to a meal, can make it seem like something completely different.


Saturday – Out and About. If the snow is falling and it’s freezing outside, i want nothing more than to be cozy with a book and a cup of tea. If I’m actually home and making dinner, it’s usually a sandwich, or something small like mac and cheese. I tend to save anything heavy for the next day.


Sunday – “Soupy Sunday” or “Seasonal Sunday.” I enjoy soup or stew.  Sometimes that is exactly what my tummy needs.  If it’s  fall and wintertime that is usually all I make on this day. If it’s Springtime, it’s usually something spicy, crisp, and delicious.  Summertime, I’m not cooking. My hubby can be on the grill same with my dad. these days we spend most of our time at their house or outside. I like something sweet, and simple. Nothing beats the heat, then iced tea, watermelon, and hot dogs. This is our family day.


So, that’s a longer version of the plan i guess.  I plan on sticking to it though no matter how good pizza and wings sound.


“Cooking is like Love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” – Harriet Van Horne.



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