Hello March.

I cannot believe that it’s already March, Spring will be here in a few weeks! Well according to the calendar, not the weather. St. Patricks day is coming up && i’m craving some corned beef. This month is looking pretty tasty. Here are a few things I planned to make:


Beer Chicken


Rosemary Herbed Pork Chops

Sesame Noodles

Spanish Chicken

Mississippi Roast

“Empty Tombs” ( It’s more of an Easter name I guess, but they sound delish)

Oreo Truffles

Black Raspberry Brie Bites

Blood Orange Roasted Chicken

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 


I Started off the month with some good food, since it was Saturday, it was spent out and about with my parents. Heres a few snapshots of us & what we enjoyed.

 On tomorrows menu : Crock Pot Ribs & 7-up biscuits. 


*Papa Bear & His Firehouse Burger* @ Paiges



*Beer and Cheddar Soup*

Grabbed some great fresh bread @ Costanzo’s 





Image* Prime Rib Open Faced Sandwich @ Pegasus



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