Hello August.

Hello August! Since it was my birthday two days ago, (Happy Birthday To Me), I feel like I should get my tush in gear and fully commit to this blog. I even made the site a .com, which in a way forces me to use it since I paid for it.  To save people time who read this post and none further down, I am putting a summary of the last few post I had made. I have also come to terms, that no schedule is easy to stick to, so I won’t be posting everyday. But the plan is 2-4 times a week.


The people in my life:

Ricky ( Hubby, Hubster)

Mom (Mama Bear)

Dad (Papa Bear)

Grandma (Gam, Gammy)

Also: I sign things Jo ( My middle name). It’s just more fun that way.



I won’t post much or at all on Saturday & Sunday.

Monday – snacks, appetizers, or drinks. Manic Monday.

Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday – Food, Food, Food. Post will be on 2 of these days. Random to keep it interesting.

Friday – printable, fun food, or my top 5 things I have found on Pinterest that week.


*Subject to “forgetfulness” I may only be 26, but I forget many many things. *


I did update all my social media sites so here are the links: Feel free to follow me there.

Pinterest:  ScrumpChoas

Instagram : Scrumptious_Chaos

Twitter:  @Scrump_Chaos



Well. Here is to the fresh start. :] Hope you can all enjoy the food journey with me.





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