PB, Chocolate & Banana Breakfast sandwiches.

Hello Lovelies,

Let me start by stating that love breakfast foods on the weekends. I have dreams of making elaborate things with eggs, waffles, muffins & pancakes.  Now that thats clear. I have a large dislike for breakfast foods during the week. It takes about 5 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal from start to finish. To me thats 5 more minutes of sleep that I am losing.


Coffee on the other hand is a necessity for me to function. If i don’t have coffee in the morning consider me useless and unproductive the whole day. (Don’t forget grumpy)  It takes me less time to turn on my keurig, walk away to do something and come back and its all ready to go than it does to make anything.  If I still had my coffee pot, I would set it up the night before and just turn it on. To me that is my breakfast.

pb,choc,nana wrap 1 

A few weeks ago I read a pin someplace about a breakfast tortilla with peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas. I was hooked since i enjoy those three items very much.

I’ll be honest, I have yet to make this for breakfast, I went the opposite way and have it as my late night snack. It is so simple to make. I can see children enjoying this when they wake up. You can always put a spin on it, take out the chocolate all together or use white chocolate chips, or m&m’s. I would change out the peanut butter for Nutella, or almond butter.



pb,choc,nana wrap



Here’s The Recipie:

You’ll Need:

1- 8in. whole west gorilla ( I used regular)

2tbs peanut butter/almond butter/Nutella

1/2 medium banana

1tbs chocolate chips (Semi-sweet) You can always use more or less. The chocolate doesn’t melt as much the more you place onto the tortilla.


How to Cook:

1. Spread the peanut butter onto the surface of the tortilla.

2. Thinly, slice the banana and arrange the slices onto half of the tortilla. Sprinkle the chocolate chips over the banana and fold in half. 

3. Cook the “quesadilla” in a skillet over medium heat until golden brown and crispy. About 7-10 minutes depending your stovetop. 



Overall Tip : Watch!!! I have burnt the sides of mine, or the chocolate was too close to the edge and melted out and created a burning smell. But still not too bad when I bit into it. 


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