Sunday: What is that smell? Oh, its just Morty.

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week. Friday is great and all but, that is a short lived feeling when you realize all the things you have to do that weekend.  There is just something about the silence, and the calmness of it. I get to enjoy my coffee, which at the moment is pumpkin spice, and I am savoring every single sip. This weekend in particular was a busy one. We packed three things into one day, which normally is easy, but we were actually crunched for time. 



1st Up. We went to a Softball Tournament for a friend of ours who had lost her mother a few years back.  It was great to be there and see how many people truly care about a good cause. Here’s the link to see what thats about : Tammy Gasper Memorial Softball Tournament




2nd was a wedding for our cousin. We drove 25 minutes in one direction for the ceremony and then drove 45 minutes to see our 3rd destination which was “Morty.”Who the heck is he? We will get to that. The ceremony was small and intimate. It was only close family. The bride looked beautiful & the groom was bursting at the seams with love. We were glad to witness this part of their day. They had chicken BBQ as their main course, which I thought was the greatest thing. 🙂 




3rd is Morty:  Who’s Morty? Well, since you asked, its a death flower. Its really called a Corpse Flower, because it apparently stinks of death when it blooms. It only blooms for 24-48 hours every 8-15 years. Which of course I felt that it was something we needed to see. The smell gets stronger in the evening and as you got closer you could tell. Not sure if it really smells like death since I’m not a death eater but, the smell was not pleasant. We had a little over an hour before the reception which was only 15 minutes away, so it was a perfect way to waste time. 




Not only was it the worst way to waste time, but it was about 95 degrees inside. The line was very long, and we assumed would move fast. It took us over an hour and we went through 3 greenhouses very slowly both sweating the whole time. Good thing we weren’t dressed up with someplace to go. That aside, it was still neat to see and smell him. Even if we only had a moment since it was already time to be at the reception. If you want to know more about the Corpse Flowers and see if some are in your area, check out the info on him: Morty



Thats all. I’ll post late with our weekly menu.


xo Jo 

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