Happy Monday!!

Oh Monday, usually you make me drink extra large coffees and wish I was still in bed, but I still have a week left of my vacation so today it’s all good.  Could it be that I am already a beer into the afternoon? Sure, Sure. It could also be the huge to do list that i’m avoiding. So in the spirit of not doing anything today, here’s a printable i found on Clumsy Crafter . It’s cute and I like it.  Just click the photo for the print.



Since I am also wasting time thinking of autumn. My Halloween version of the Night Before Christmas is The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. <3.    I have found a great reading of the tale. By the one and only Christopher Walken.  Here it is.  Enjoy it.

Not going with the theme, but for a future post I found a recording of Matthew McFayden reading part of a Jane Austen Novel. ah. romance, how I enjoy you.

xx Jo

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