Goodbye August!

I hate to say goodbye to August but, i’m very happy to say hello to September because, that means only 1 more month until OCTOBER!! I rush the fall season, I know. The apartment will be starting to show traces of Orange & Black very soon.  After leaving my job at ACMoore, I can enjoy everything that holidays and seasons offer. To the point I don’t need to tune out every Christmas song that I hear.

Most people associate this time with going  back to work, or school and yes I work at a school, but without the Summer’s off it’s just a mini vacation at the end of August for me. I’ve been moved into a new classroom with a teacher I have yet to work with ever. So thats new.  So here is the mini photo book of this month.


End Of Aug

As much as i LOVE fall,  it is still Summer. For 23 more days.  So I decided to do a favorites post at the end of each month. What i’ve read, listened to, & simply enjoyed.


A book i’ve enjoyed on and off this month is Longbourn by Jo Baker. If you like anything related to the amazing Jane Austen or Pride & Prejudice this book is for you. It’s basically the storyline of the classic tale, but the twist being that the story is of the house staff.  You get to return to the Bennet’s estate for all the moments that made you fall in love with Pride and Prejudice.  It took me a few chapters to get into the story, but once I did I wanted to finish it that day.  It’s also a good romance book, if you like the good ol’ romance where you needed to court someone to get their attention not hit a like button.


On the iPod this month has been 3 different artists.  I have wanted relaxing music, perfect for dinner, or to sit on our porch reading. I found that in these artists. 1. Birdy. 2. MAGIC!. 3. Sam Smith.  It’s music like this that gives me a light hearted feeling, and I feel, puts me in a better mood.


Grub Time: I figured that reviewing a restaurant might be a good idea since this is a food blog, but since I am not prepared at the moment for that, I may do that in the middle of the month.  🙂

Tomorrow is the Coming Up post with some of the meals, and things going on in September. Get ready!


A good night to all.


xo Jo


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