Hello September!



It’s Finally September!  Finally? yes. It will be autumn in 22 days. (giggle)


What’s going on this month you ask? Here’s the rundown.



Chicken Fried Rice

1 Pot Southwest Pasta

Apple Pie Bites

White Chicken Enchiladas

A Steak Marinade

& More




Bar Bills





Annual Garlic Festival in Cuba, NY!

The First Day of Fall.

Coors Light Buffalo Bills Football Party.

International Coffee Day!



Reading  List:

Stiff by Mary Roach

My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart. ( if you don’t watch her on youtube, you might wanna start!)  Watch Her Here!.

Graveminder by Melissa Marr.

This is the month where the season changes, Starbucks puts out the pumpkin, the boots and sweaters come out, our favorite shows come back on, and I get to cross some books off my reading list while sitting in a hot tub sipping on tea. Did i mention PUMPKIN?! I literally cannot stand pumpkin at any other time of the year. I dislike pumpkin pie to this day, but still try it in hopes it will finally taste good. Strange? Sure. The same goes for winter and peppermint mochas, candy canes, hot chocolate. These are only accepted when there is snow on the ground and it’s not a day past January 31st.


Also, Happy Labor Day! It is officially the last day of my vacation. Best part of my first day back? Right after work I get to visit the dentist to fix a few cavities in the back of my mouth, by few I mean flossing cavities in between 3 teeth, a huge cavity thanks to my root canal, and possibly some on the other side. I brush my teeth like crazy, I do know coffee is bad for them and all that, so I take care of my teeth. My luck is just not that great when it comes to my teeth I guess. :/ Ick. So at least I will be “numb” all night & will not be able to taste anything.  Ick again.


Hope everyone has a great holiday!


xo Jo



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