Romantic Antics

It’s going to get sappy. Be prepared.

Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Three years after saying “I do” and he has yet to sleep on the couch. We’ve been though our ups and downs but never anything that made our marriage struggle. Yes, as cheesy as it is, it made us stronger. I am happy to say that he is still the most amazing man and I am a very lucky girl. He has become more handsome, and he knows it. He even lets me know when a lady is looking his way. We have yet to have a fight that is about some other other then putting holidays bins away or doing the dishes. Most people say we’re still in the honeymoon stage of marriage. I think that plane flew a long time ago. That stage was when we were dating and then one day, we weren’t dating and we were married. It’s a big step but to us, it’s still the same thing everyday, but with my last name his instead.

But since I love photos, lets have a look at well, the beginning.


And then the plunge…. My dad really is spectacular for making some things happen that day. Like the situation where our trolley turned left instead of right at the Bills stadium and we had our photos on the actual field. It was awesome!!


So here is to many many more anniversaries with my main squeeze.


xoxo Jo

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