See Ya Later September!

Good-Bye September!


It’s been a good one, Wanna reminisce?

sept tempt

First Off a HUGE thank you to House Party Inc & Coors Light for helping me host an awesome Buffalo Bills party!! It was a blast!! Besides football being back, pumpkin items are officially popping up in stores && restaurants! It’s a wonderful wonderful thing. Yes, I am guilty of going to Starbucks and ordering the PSL. Yes, it feels silly writing the letters out. I have found since the pumping products photo, pumpkin oatmeal, yogurt, latte syrup and even pumpkin cranberry tortilla chips ( which is a seasonal item that should be carried always.) I’ll be honest come the end of October I may buy 10 bags of them and just save them. It works for my popsicles. Currently on the to do list: Make a schedule for this amazing month coming in less than 2 hours! It’s part of my ocd nerdy need to organizing the shows & movies. I’m sure it will be similar in December. But that is too far away.

What I’ve been listening to: James Bay I mean if you have the time, look up his live stuff. It’s amazing and worth it. And if you rock on Pandora, I’ve found typing in Monster Mash will give you loads of Halloween type songs!!

Reading: Graveminder by Melissa Marr. Im in the middle of it, but so far so good. The author usually write Young Adult novels, but this is her first “adult” book.

It’s been a good month, work is back in session and going smoothly, My parents gave us a little heater for our porch, and last night my dad brought over a new carpet for our entry. The old one was rough looking and you can tell the previous tenants left the door open when it rained. Tomorrow would be the first of the month post, but it’s mine and Ricky’s anniversary. 3 years of marriage and he’s still crazy about me, and i’m still just crazy. ( at least that’s what he says.) 🙂 So the post will be up on the 2nd. 🙂 Enjoy the last few hours of September everyone. The next three months are going to be here and gone too fast.

Good Night!!

xo Jo

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