This is “The Roast.”

I cannot take credit for the recipe, but yet I am not sure where to give credit. I didn’t really change much I just add more and less of certain things. I will say, out of the crock pot meals i’ve made, this is one of the top 5. Everyone loves this, and most people that have this ask for the recipe. Yes, it’s that good.

I don’t have any other photos on here, but it’s really easy to do, and i’m not sure that one photo with everything dumped onto of the roast would even make sense.

If you prefer something spicy you just add more peppers, and if your not a fan of the spice but want the flavor add less.


The Roast.

21/2-4 lb chuck roast. the size really doesn’t matter.

3/4 stick of butter. salted or un salted is fine.

1 package of DRY ranch dressing mix. I use Hidden Valley. I’ve tried other store brands and it’s just not the same.

1 package of Au Jus DRY mix.

3-8 pepperoncini peppers. I add some of the juice to make up for not using a full stick of butter.

Spray crock pot, and add roast. Dump the dry mixes on top of the roast. Place the peppers around the roast and ontop. Place the stick of butter in the middle of the roast.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours or until it’s basically falling apart. I’ve never cook it on high but I imagine it would be fine. Of course the larger the roast the longer it takes.

Enjoy. I know you will.

xo Jo.

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