Good Bye October…..I Will Miss You.


The treaters have come and gone. The last two kids made out crazy good. 🙂 Rough #: 276 kids, which for the area is low. Maybe it was the fact its freezing outside or the whole rain thing. I of course had to eat some of the leftover candy, which put me on a crazy sugar high. 🙂 It was all fun and games until the high shot down. Now I’m relying on coffee to keep me awake until Ricky gets home. We may or may not be attending a party. Which I found out about this morning. That means no costume.

It’s always sat when October Ends. Tomorrow the Christmas music starts, which after today, I am all game for that. But its so depressing to think it’s now wintertime, and the next two months are going to fly by too fast. On the bright side. October was great. Photo Time.


I crossed a few things off my autumn bucket list:

Corn Maze

Make candy or caramel apples

Go on a haunted hayride

watch some scary movies

have a pumpkin spice latte

and I’m sure there was more.

The book list:

My Drunk Kitchen. It’s hilarious.

Graveminder. I’ve been trying to finish this book for a while and one day I just sat down and said i’ll try to get back into it, next thing I know its 8pm and I was done with the book. It really is a well written book and the story is creative and easy to get into.

Music: I’ve been listening to Hozier’s “Take me to church” I think i’ll be listening to them a lot more. Here is the video link.

Let the festive-ness begin.

Good Night!

xx Jo

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