Friday Eve: Italian Crescent Bake.

So there was a small dusting this morning. the rooftops were covered as were cars with a little ice built up on the windows. One dislike of the snow, is having to place aside 10 minutes in the morning to defrost the car. It’s that or wake up a little bit earlier, and I don’t know if I can risk it. Sleep is very important to me. When we get along it’s a wonderful wonderful thing. Some days I really am too tired to worry about a meal plan, or following a recipe. This dish however, is easy enough that on days like today, I can throw it together and not worry about it at all.

You Will Need:

1lb ground beef

1 jar of pasta sauce (Doesn’t matter the brand or type)

1 bag (2 cups) Italian Cheese Blend. Or good old Mozzarella.

1 can of crescent rolls.

8×8 pan


Directions: (careful they are pretty intense)

1. Cook Beef. You want it to be done, but if a few pieces are a little pink, you’ll live.

2. In the 8×8 pan ( spray it with cooking spray) lay the crescent rolls in the pan (4 pieces) and then on each side of the pan have the tip of the leftover triangles hang off each side. Press the dough to make sure the bottom is covered in dough.

3. if that last step didn’t make sense, sorry, look at the photo.

4. Drain the meat, place the meat and the jar of sauce into the pan and stir until meat is coated well.

5. Dump meat into the 8×8 pan. Cover with the cheese, Use as much or as little as your want.

6. Fold the tips that are hanging over the edge to create a “plus sign” pattern. (photo below)

7. Pop the sucker in the oven at 350 F and bake for 20-35 mins or until the cheese is melted and top is golden brown.


Enjoy! xx Jo

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