Freezer Meals. Hi November.

Hi Friends. Long time no see. Whats new you ask? Well, our home is a bit more updated with paint and such. Our puppy is no longer little, he is weighing in at fifty pounds. Halloween happened faster than expected. We had a surprise party, and I am currently looking forward to Christmas Time. If you want to see the photos from the party head on over to, to see the post tomorrow. I am excited to get back into posting, I really haven’t cooked as much and I would have liked the past months but plan to get back on the horse. So where do we start? Not cooking at all. Just making things to eventually cook.

Last year I talked about some freezer meals, never ended up doing them. The ones I did assemble, I gave away. Not today. I found some recipes for frugal shoppers, for Aldi’s. For some reason I don’t always consider that a frugal choice, most things are cheaper, but that have SO much interesting extra’s. I went to get the additions, not the meat, and walked out with a full cart and $60.00 gone. I felt like its the grocery equivalent of target, and I know, because, I LOVE target. Head on over to the site for the full recipe: Crock Pot Freezer Meals Here are the photos of my prep. I did not make the tomato beef soup, I forgot to get beef.


I always thought prep work was a waste of time. I was wrong. ( Don’t tell my husband!) It’s so much easier to have the onion and chicken ready to go, I would have done the same with the beef recipe. It makes the time go faster, sure there are usually more dishes to take care of, but it’s sort of worth it. I didn’t buy enough chicken to make 2 of each chicken recipes, so I ended up making 1 cranberry chicken and 2 Italian chicken.


Cranberry Chicken.


Italian Chicken.

I found it much easier to place the bags on a baking sheet before placing in the freezer, incase something leaks, or moves around its confined a bit. Enjoy!

xo Jo

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