Taco Soup.

It may be November, but the temp outside is still in the 50’s. Last year at this time the snow was falling, it was cold and it was cozy.  Even though I don’t know how the weather will be I still believe that these next 5 months are made for soup. The possibilities are endless for soup. Next week is officially “Soup Week” every day will be 1-2 new types for soups or stews. I’m exited and you should be too. But before the kick off of that week starts here is a Taco soup that I found and fell in love with. You will notice I fall in love with a lot of meals , the relationship usually last until meal is over and then we break up when I find a new recipe. Thats besides the point. This soup was too easy that I was nervous it wouldn’t taste as good as the soups that simmer for hours then simmer some more. Thankfully it was good and easy to freeze.

Recipe from Do It And How click the link for the recipe

It you have a well stocked pantry, then most of this stuff is inside of it. If not most of these canned items are less that $1.oo. 

Taco Soup

One thing i’ve learned to do when prepping a meal is to open the cans, drain if needed, that way you just dump away.

This recipe has a number of cans and the beans need to be rinsed and drained, so I did that first and cooked the beef next.

Taco Soup 1

Once i dumped the tomatoes and hotel into my crock pot, I opened the ranch dressing and taco mix and dumped that ontop of the tomato mix Next came the bean mix and finally the ground beef.

Taco SOup 2

Dump on the broth and stir it up. I cooked mine on low for 2 hours or until hot. Enjoy!!

xx Jo

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