Venison Roast

I am not a hunter. I don’t know how to be quiet when walking into the woods before dawn, I have no idea how to use a shotgun, and I have no desire to sit around all day waiting to see a deer. I did “try” hunting once. I bitched the whole time walking into the woods because it was a long walk in clothes that I never wear. Plus it was freezing out. I ended up playing a game on his phone while he went through the woods. On a positive side, it was relaxing once my butt was numb and I turned the phone off.  It was peaceful. We saw a few does running around a field. Apparently Ricky knew he wasn’t going to shoot anything that day, thankfully. When he did though we had lots of venison, still do, in our freezer. I don’t mind the ground meat or the breakfast sausage at all, but the bigger items I don’t care for. This roast was for him and my family, I found a great seasoning for burgers and steaks and figured why not put it on a venison roast. I used a garden broth because it has yummy tomatoes in it. After roasting it in my dutch oven for a few hours we cut in. Honestly I should have put more seasoning on it, but it wasn’t horrible.

** We soaked the roast for 2 days in water, changing it twice**

You Need:

1 venison roast

meat seasoning

can of broth ( your choice)


Soak roast in water or vinegar mix to get rid of the game flavor

Rub the mix on the roast (generously) less isn’t more , more is more.

put broth into bottom of roaster or dutch oven.

Place roast inside and cook it.

I cooked it at 370 for 1hour 45 mins. Use your judgment on it.

Venison Roast

Enjoy Jo xx

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