Day After Thanksgiving.

Hope everyones thanksgiving was wonderful! And for all the shoppers I hope you found great deals. No one wants to cook the day after thanksgiving. Most don’t want to eat a large meal either. The kids still wake up and know they have a day off and want something special. I found a few recipes for breakfast casseroles in the crock pot, but I have only tired 1 and have no idea where I found it. But this one from a latte with ott, a seems very good. Plus the recipe is printed on a recipe card size.  Find it here.



I used:

1 small onion

2 cups cheddar cheese

1/2 – 1c milk

hashbrowns 1 bag ( thawed a little bit)

1-2 cups crumped/chopped bacon

6 eggs


Pour the hash browns into a sprayed crock pot add the bacon followed by the onion. Finish it off with the cheese.

Mix the milk with the eggs and wisk so the eggs are scrambled. Pour over the cheese cove and cook on low for a few hours. I’d say 4 but I don’t remember how long to be honest. Maybe 2 on high.

CP Breakfast Casserole (0) 3

CP breakfast casserole

CP breakfast casserole 1



xx Jo

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