Bat Dad: The Superhero For Dads.

Blake Wilson, aka BatDad, has been on vine for years, I know this because my husband and  I follow and watch him all the time. He is hilarious. Not only does he show what an awesome dad he is but he has so much fun doing it. My husbands favorite vines are the ones where he includes his wife Jen, a name he yells often. Their family is realistic in the videos, and they have two adorable dogs as well. I would suggest downloading vine and watching all the videos, and maybe even the videos on youtube. He has been on television for interviews and featured on many popular websites like Buzzfeed!

The book is a comic style with lots of word bubbles, perfect for the superhero in your life. It makes a great gift for Fathers Day, or just to give the special man in your life. the captions range from secret weapons to surprise ways to clean. I found this book vey enjoyable, full of color, and laughter. The only downside, the photos are taken from the videos so some are a bit fuzzy.


Once I found out he had a book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! If you cannot wait either, buy them here:









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