Is that even a real word? Sports Metaphors


Have you ever been at a sporting event, and someone yells what seems like random lingo?  I have been there, and pretended like I knew what was going on.  Then you need Josh Chetwynd’s book The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors. If I don’t understand the metaphors of most sports, so this book was perfect for me. I knew being down for the count was a saying, not that it had anything to do with boxing, or an audible, which I assumed was for an audio book.

This book covers roughly 14 sports, and is an interesting read. I would recommend this to anyone who loves, or doesn’t love sports. It’s great to be in the know for some of these words. I like that the sports have a wide range, from hockey & baseball to Billiards and auto racing.

I would honestly stick this in my bag if I was going to a game of any sort just to make sure I know whats going on, and maybe even surprise my friends with a few words of my own.


Buy it here:


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