Hello July!


How the heck did that happen. I feel like it was just snowing last month, thankfully it really wasn’t. This month is filled with me getting my tush back on track and following a schedule. Maybe being super anal about it won’t be so bad, yes thats what she said i’m sure. I’ve spent the last week filling out  a calendar for the next two months in hope that I can follow it.

For all of those on summer vacation, enjoy it. I have about 1 week left until I go back to work. Can’t complain though, this past week we had fantastic weather, and spend so much time outside. Coming up:

This Month:

Fourth of July

Bill Engvall Comedy Show ( First comedy experience, extremely excited)

Birthday Time ( Mine, Moms & Mom-in-law)

Vacation to Virginia Beach & Williamsburg

Of course, National Tequila Day!

Food, Drink, Crafts:

Salsa, Lemon Garlic Chicken, Coconut Iced Tea, Cheeseburger Rolls, Strawberry Jam

Pool Noodle Crafts, Beach Reads, Road trip Playlist and more!





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