Pun’s of Fun.


I recently received a copy of Punderdome from Jo & Fred Firestone. Don’t know them? Here’s a fun interview : Click Here


Not only is this game hilarious to play, I had fun just reading the cards. It’s simple/easy to play, and perfect to start a conversation at a party or in any situation. I’m not always a social butterfly, so puns are a great way to break out of my shell. It’s still a game and can always turn dirty and inappropriate, but it’s much cleaner than that other game( C.AH.).

The box is a smaller rectangle that contains all you need including a pad of paper. No pencil or pen is included. It is easy to transport to a party or to keep in your car for game emergencies ( that is a thing right?) It’s a father and daughter combo, being a daddy’s girl, it made me more interested to see what it was about and to play it. I hope they come out with more and more of these games! I suggest going out and buying it or clicking some of the links below to purchase.


Buy It:



Barnes & Nobles 


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