U/S/A in color.

I recently received a copy of God Bless American: A patriotic coloring book. It is a great gift for a hostess on memorial day, flag day, july 4th, or really any little holiday that you celebrate. It is filled with historic pages, with quotes by great patriots! The back includes the hashtag #coloringamerica, which is a great thing to look up on instagram or twitter to see how other people view the same photo. It’s a great coloring book for kids and adults all around. The book really makes you miss the simple times and pleasures that existed before all this technology and issues. I agree with the backing of this book where is states you can color your way through history.


On the back of each page is a description of what the photo is, a quote, and the illustrator. Want something more? How about a playlist that goes with the book! There is a link inside to the playlist, and as I color and listen to it, I really felt proud of my country. I suggest you buy this today.




Barnes & Noble



Enjoy, Jo.



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