Cooking Korean. (Clever, I know)

Recently I received a new cookbook to review called Cook Korean by Robin Ha. Here is her blog: Blogspot. It’s filled with all the fun things she does, included her amazing art.

This cookbook is basically a comic style written book, the food contains mainly korean ingredients, which I don’t have access to some of them where I live. But that doesn’t stop me trying to find it. Amazon is a wonderful thing. The illustrations are very detailed and colorful. The recipes are easy to follow, and the illustrations are of the food that you are cooking. The pictures show you what you should do with the food and how to do it. My favorite part is the beginning of the book where she tells you what a Korean pantry should have in it. I was glad to see I did  actually have some of the items!





Of course I love to try new and exciting dishes, especially when its a different countries cuisine, this book let me dip my toe into some common & well known recipes, like Kimchi.

I must say I was even more excited when I got an alert on my Instagram:


Very excited 🙂

Get it here:


Penguin Random House

Barnes & Nobles 

I received this book in exchanged for my honest review.

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