Where in London?

The London Cookbook by Aleksandra Crapanzano


This book is the adventures of the author Aleksandra Crapanzano in London.In search of tahini cookies, she ended up with a fantastic book filled with delicious recipes.  It has so many dishes from the top restaurants, cafes, and hole in the walls. I couldn’t wait to try some of these! Especially the Cinnamon Bellinis. This book ranges from snacks, soups, drinks, all the way to desserts. I have to say this book got me very excited to try new soups., the photos scream autumn to me.

The photos range from black and white to color and are all very telling. They all seem to have a story that you want to hear. Of course some of the photos are of the London we all see on television, but others are of the restaurants and the workers. They are simply lovely.

My favorite photo is of these men (above) enjoying a drink. It seems like an everyday meeting of friends. The cool thing about the inside cover of the book is that it has all the restaurants around the area of London.

The recipes range from a quick 10 minute fix and others are over an hour, but all of them are simple enough to do at home. I know it will be hard to find some of the ingredients where I live but thankfully there is Amazon. All of the recipes are from an actual restaurant/place, and Aleksandra lets you know where. I must say that the welsh rarebit and Leeks with almonds, cheese, and brown butter really caught my eye as something that I would serve my family. I cannot wait to start cooking with it!


Buy it here:


Barnes & Nobles


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