Lassen Sie uns backen!

What does an American living in Germany do? Learn to bake like a true German.


This baking book is incredible. Really. Not only is there a pronunciation guide in the back of book, so you know what the heck it is your reading, but a guide for the measurements.  I have googled, mL to oz and kg/grams to cups and so on more than i’d like to. Since it’s almost, yes almost, time to think of the festive season that brings the white fluffy stuff, this book would not only be a great gift, but there is  a whole chapter on christmas baking!

The pages in this book are thick and matte, which gives this such a classic cookbook feel. There are photos of Germany, which I also assume Berlin specifically, since that is where Luisa Weiss (Author)  lives. He blog is filled with so many cool things that she cooks and sees traveling.  In the beginning of the book and each chapter you see more into Luisa’s life and Germany. I leaned many of our favorite/well used recipes originated in Germany. Like our love for Christmas cookies. Her father in law has his coffee break at 3pm every day which is a time honored tradition.  That is something I can get behind, and practice everyday.

I also learned that vanilla extract is very hard to get in Europe. They use some type of Vanilla sugar, which Luisa gives you a recipe to do. Many of the ingredients are ones that you’d usually have on hand or they are simple to find in a grocery store. Others like Quark (cheese) is much harder, if not impossible to find in the United States. This is also in the “Make Me” section. Who knew Quark was baked buttermilk?

Many recipes use poppyseed, which I personally enjoy, and seem to not use often. Until this book came into my life that is. If you see an item and have no clue where you’d buy it there are resource links in the back. For example: & have german specify cooking items. I would highly suggest this cookbook if you like to bake any time of cakes, bread, or cookies. Or bake in general.


Also the cover has a little silver bundt pan embellishment which I find adorable.


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instagram :her insta in adorable, fun to follow, and her son Huge is so cute.

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Happy Cooking!


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