Vegetables from Martha.

It’s Martha Stewart. Need I say more?


I was extremely excited to find out I get to review this book, I know that its been out a little over a month, but it’s still exciting. I am a huge huge huge Martha Stewart lover. I used to watch her show all the time, I said used because we don’t have “cable” anymore and my DVR is gone.  So while I miss her show and a bunch of others, I at least get to enjoy the outdoors, reading, and cooking more. This book is by Martha & her team, and is filled with recipes for all the veggies you can think of. The photos are beautiful, and are exactly what you’d want to see. Its much easier to compare to a photo if something looks completely different.

Martha is known for, well, everything I suppose. Cooking, cleaning, crafting, and even her “jail stay.” She truly is the figure of Homemaking. I used to aspire to be just like her when I grew up and got married. Turns out, I do not have that much talent in those departments.

The book has this great recipe for spaghetti with mussels, lemon & shallots. I will more or less not spend the money on fresh mussels but have recently found a frozen option, that has 3 different types of mussels in sauces. I would swap the fresh for the frozen, unless I can splurge. 

I like that the categories in the book are labels based on the type of vegetable. It ranges from the generic root, bulb, and greens to others likes shoots, flowers, leaves.  Its a learning experience to see which category my favorites fall under.

The recipes in the book can be difficult or easy. I am looking forward to making the kale chips, onion rings, and corn soup. There are also recipes for things like pad thai, salmon chowder, and rutabaga apple mash. ( which sounds delicious)

 I must say the first recipe from this book that I am going to try is he braised celery. It seems simple but looks incredible. 

Each recipe has a photo to go with it, which I love! 
Buy the book!


Penguin Random House



I received this book through Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review.
Happy Cooking! 

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