Skinny? Not so much. Delicious? Of Course!

No I will admit it, I am no size 2, or 4, or 6. But if i can eat something that looks good, taste good, and is easy as heck to cook, I am going to do just that, when is healthy is a great bonus. There are many meals that I have made that are hearty and healthy. Within the next year, the meal plans have cleaned up a bit to be lower in sugar for my dad. When I saw this book, I knew it was a perfect match for my meal planning. Gina Homolka really hit the nail on the head with these recipes.


The content page breaks the sections down, and there is even a section with zoodles, noodles but made of veggies, and even keeps the one bowl meals in a section of their own. A few pages later there is  a recipe key that each recipe has under the title.

Q – quick and easy

SC- Slow Cooker

V- Vegetarian

GF- Gluten Free

FF- Freezer Friendly

and a few more.


Its so nice to know ahead of time that its a slow cooker recipe too, I have, more than I like to admit, been cooking a meal only to find out that I was supposed to put the frozen chicken into a crock pot, and not onto the stove. I have learned to read the whole thing beforehand. This cook book saves me the time. Its also perfect with thanksgiving coming up, a few members of our family, like to eat gluten free meals.


This sanwhich on the back of the book looks so good, I almost took a bite out of the book. Since I love meal planning I was so happy to see that she made a month of good for you meals, that has breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and a treat for each day for five weeks. I was surprised to see a recipe for venison, which my husband loves.  Along with a bunch more.


But it here:





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