Voyage into the Night.

Daria Song has a gift of making beautiful artwork. Her drawings are incredible, and I cannot get enough of her coloring books. The most recent one I have gotten is The Night Voyage. The book tells the story of a girl who travels on a train full of toys, and helps a man deliver them around the world. The whimsical pages really take you into the world of Daria, and I would love to stay there.

The colorful cover, which can be removed, but why the heck would you. Is half colored with beautiful blues, pinks, and yellows with the star of the book with paper cranes. The “voyage” begins on the cover. The overall feel of the pages makes you feel like your coloring in a brand new textbook, ( do they even use books in school anymore?)


I love the intricate details on each and every page. You move with the girl through the pages of the book. Its truly a storybook that you get to color. The back of the book shows you by page what exactly the story tells. My favorite is by far the hot air balloons. I absolutely love this book. And Christmas is just around the corner, this is a perfect gift for the child, teen, or adult in your life. The best thing about this book, is the relaxing feeling you get when you color it. The whole world fades away and its just you and the pages.



Buy it here:

Barnes & Nobles 



I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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