I scream, you scream, we all scream for a cookbook!

ice cream


Food 52 Ice Cream and Friends is the greatest dessert book for ice cream. Ice cream is a treat to have all year not just in the summertime. I usually crave ice cream in the middle of winter which is sometimes a pain to get at the store, even if it doesn’t melt. But to make my own the way I like it, means I can have ice cream anytime!

Not only does it contain a bunch of recipes for ice cream in delicious looking flavors but it includes all the  mix-ins you can think of. Personally, I am a sprinkle girl and the fact that there is a recipe for the original type of sprinkles in this book makes me feel like a kid. Ice cream is the perfect treat for an evening or even an afternoon snack.

The best part of this cookbook is the way the categories are set up. There is the classic chocolate and vanilla but then takes a turn from nutty and fruity to herb & spices. There is a section based on classic cocktails like Manhattans. I’m looking forward to making the carrot cake ice-cream and the s’mores ice-cream.

Ice cream seems like a dessert that is just easier to buy in the store, but the recipes in this book make it seem simple. The ingredient aren’t crazy or hard to find, and many are found in the freezer or pantry. I might even invest in an ice cream maker for my kitchen aid.

Buy it here: Food52

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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