America Doesn’t Suck.

Doctor? Dennis Leary. Is that right? Sure is. This book is great for anyone who loves politics. It can be a funny gift for someone who is a liberal or conservative. Even someone who does care about politics can get into this book. Some people don’t know that Mr. Leary wrote another book along these lines called Why We Suck. Read it, it’s a good one.

In this book it covers every topic you can think of and of course asks important questions about our leaders. He mocks, picks on and even “attacks” other nations leaders. I must say he  has some good points about the younger generation, while they are great with technology the common sense sort of went out the window. I am a victim of taking photos of my food, but like Dennis says, he’s too busy eating it.

Also in this book are “tweets” , of course they are all legit.  Just like all the “facts” too. Its hilarious to read, I would recommend it to anyone. 

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