Skinny? Not so much. Delicious? Of Course!

No I will admit it, I am no size 2, or 4, or 6. But if i can eat something that looks good, taste good, and is easy as heck to cook, I am going to do just that, when is healthy is a great bonus. There are many meals that I have made that … Continue reading Skinny? Not so much. Delicious? Of Course!


Eating: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole.

Here is another recipe I found on Oh Sweet Basil, for some poppyseed chicken. I didnt put too much poppyseed onto the casserole, not many people like it, and those little balls get stuck in your teeth......It is also my no means a health option. You can always half the recipe so it's not so … Continue reading Eating: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole.

Busy Day? Tell me about it.

It seems that the moment Autumn hits, so do invitations, appointments, and birthdays.  My calendar is the most filled during the months of September and October. It seems that dinners are either on the go, or something simple at home. I found a way to cook something delicious, and do it on a busy day. … Continue reading Busy Day? Tell me about it.

Upside Down & Dracula

This recipe is easy to make, bake, and take. Haha. I crack myself up. But really this is so simple to make and kids love it. I saw this recipe on A Treats Affair and put it into my Cook This folder. Normally Ricky is much harder to please when trying new things, but he loves … Continue reading Upside Down & Dracula


Happy Sunday!! It's fall outside even the weather has agreed for once. We went to Pumpkinville earlier in the morning and enjoyed a fun corn maze, apple cider, and pumpkin donuts. Its a small place and not the closest area but so worth it. Perfect for family looking for a fun time out.  The great … Continue reading Pumpkinville & MEATBALL CASSEROLE!

Breakfast Ring.

  Happy Thursday! I have a few days left of vacation, and instead of sulking this time, I will make the best of the days that are left. Like opening a bottle of champagne (the real stuff)  and make a serious to do list for the day. I don't have time for a big breakfast … Continue reading Breakfast Ring.

Thanksgiving Week: Crock Pot Thanksgiving.

Hello Monday!! Only 1 more day of work until a little break. Of course, break time from a school means time to get better from whatever sickness the kids have given you. If you have a cold or flu like illness, well this post is sure to help you out this week. Is there really … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week: Crock Pot Thanksgiving.

Smell That Autumn? I’m roasting your best.

I have found love with sweet potatoes & butternut squash. I can't say the love will travel past November, but I hope it will. I cannot wait to menu plan tomorrow for November, I already know Butternut Squash Soup is on the list. Along with a few other good ideas. This dish is pretty healthy. … Continue reading Smell That Autumn? I’m roasting your best.

Comfort Time : Beef Stew Casserole.

Happy Hump Day!!! First off this is RICH && the meat takes some TIME. Like overnight or all day at work time. Not in the way that will pay your car payment or any crazy credit card bills you have. Although that would be nice. But if your going all the way for comfort foods … Continue reading Comfort Time : Beef Stew Casserole.

Friday Eve: White Chicken Enchiladas.

Happy Thursday! It's officially fall, and i've got myself into a wonderful mood the past three days because of it. Here our leaves are starting to turn, which is always beautiful to see. Here is a sorta simple meal that can please some picky eaters. White Chicken Enchiladas Serves: 6-8 Ingredients •6-8 corn tortillas (enchilada … Continue reading Friday Eve: White Chicken Enchiladas.