I scream, you scream, we all scream for a cookbook!

  Food 52 Ice Cream and Friends is the greatest dessert book for ice cream. Ice cream is a treat to have all year not just in the summertime. I usually crave ice cream in the middle of winter which is sometimes a pain to get at the store, even if it doesn't melt. But … Continue reading I scream, you scream, we all scream for a cookbook!

U/S/A in color.

I recently received a copy of God Bless American: A patriotic coloring book. It is a great gift for a hostess on memorial day, flag day, july 4th, or really any little holiday that you celebrate. It is filled with historic pages, with quotes by great patriots! The back includes the hashtag #coloringamerica, which is … Continue reading U/S/A in color.

Lets read at the beach.

There are so many things to do at the beach. I prefer to hop in the water, and then sit my butt on the beach and read. Popsugar created a very cool reading challenge for the beach this year. If you need a few beach reads to get started here is a list of my … Continue reading Lets read at the beach.

Breakfast Ring.

  Happy Thursday! I have a few days left of vacation, and instead of sulking this time, I will make the best of the days that are left. Like opening a bottle of champagne (the real stuff) ¬†and make a serious to do list for the day. I don't have time for a big breakfast … Continue reading Breakfast Ring.

Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us, and it has been wonderful so far. Friends have had babies, gotten married, and thrown parties. I have enjoyed my vacation immensely so far, getting up early to sit outside for hours and hours is the most relaxing thing ever, I feel that it should be my job. (wishing & dreaming … Continue reading Summer Bucket List

Fourth of July. Happy Inependance Day.

Of course this day is filled with historical facts and things of that nature. I learned about them, you've learned about them. ( If American of course) So lets get down to the good stuff about celebrated this day, food and drinks. Most people spend the day playing games outside, BBQ-ing, having a fire with … Continue reading Fourth of July. Happy Inependance Day.

Hello July!

How the heck did that happen. I feel like it was just snowing last month, thankfully it really wasn't. This month is filled with me getting my tush back on track and following a schedule. Maybe being super anal about it won't be so bad, yes thats what she said i'm sure. I've spent the … Continue reading Hello July!

Pun’s of Fun.

I recently received a copy of Punderdome from Jo & Fred Firestone. Don't know them? Here's a fun interview : Click¬†Here Not only is this game hilarious to play, I had fun just reading the cards. It's simple/easy to play, and perfect to start a conversation at a party or in any situation. I'm not … Continue reading Pun’s of Fun.