Thanksgiving Week.

It's almost time to bring out the fancy dishes, and the fabric tablecloths. A time when you can express all day how thankful you are for everything in your life. Then a few hours later, go crazy to buy things you don't need. Yes, I am a black Friday shopper, proud of it. I really do … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week.


Pumpkin Pasta. One Pot Meal.

I know its a wee bit late, but pumpkin doesn't go out of style until after Thanksgiving or so I am told. For me though, I already have candy canes, peppermint mocha creamer, and candy cane kisses in my house. And lots and lots of new Christmas music to listen to. hehe. But this pasta … Continue reading Pumpkin Pasta. One Pot Meal.

Friday Eve. Tortellini Soup.

It's crisp and cold out again, thankfully. Fall really does mean hearty soups should always be available. Even if they are frozen. One thing that was new to me this week was tortellini. Not too bad. I'm thinking of new soup ideas for the next month and maybe i'll use this kind of pasta again. … Continue reading Friday Eve. Tortellini Soup.

Normandy Chicken. You Bet!

I don't know why, but i've always been afraid to try this dish. It seems easy, but I dislike converting all the items from grams to ounces and so on. This chicken dish was delicious though. Thankfully most of the items I purchased had the gram amount on the package, or I guessed. I used … Continue reading Normandy Chicken. You Bet!

Full Force Fall Stew!

Remember the last post of the wonderful weather. Well it's back to the 50's and pouring. 🙂 I love this weather. This stew was wonderful. If you don't mind cutting up veggies, it's totally worth the time. Leeks were not something I usually had on hand, or at all to be honest. I've seen them in … Continue reading Full Force Fall Stew!

One Pot SouthWest Pasta.

1 pot southwest pasta  Serves approx.7-9. Ingredients •1 13.5 oz. box of pasta, any type will do. •2 cups frozen corn kernels •1 medium green bell pepper cut into thin strips •½ medium red onion, sliced •1 15 oz. can Rotel canned tomatoes and chilies •¼ cup taco seasoning •1 tsp. salt •2 tsp. extra … Continue reading One Pot SouthWest Pasta.

Happy Friday!!! Lets Eat Some, 1 Pot Cheeseburger Pasta.

Hello All. It's a wonderful Friday! I've been on top of the whole decorating for Halloween. I am pretty much done, and realized it's not nearly as much decor as i thought i had. boo. The plan is to get some pumpkins tomorrow, or at least hit up a pumpkin farm. So lets discuss how … Continue reading Happy Friday!!! Lets Eat Some, 1 Pot Cheeseburger Pasta.