Dijon Chuck Roast. For The Falling Flake Season.

Looking for something to cook when the flakes start to fall. I am not dreaming of a White Christmas just yet, but this dish really is a comfort meal for those cold nights. It did take a bit more time than I preferred since I cooked it after I got home from work. Literally, I came … Continue reading Dijon Chuck Roast. For The Falling Flake Season.

Fourth of July. Happy Inependance Day.

Of course this day is filled with historical facts and things of that nature. I learned about them, you've learned about them. ( If American of course) So lets get down to the good stuff about celebrated this day, food and drinks. Most people spend the day playing games outside, BBQ-ing, having a fire with … Continue reading Fourth of July. Happy Inependance Day.


There are endless leftovers during thanksgiving. I know for our friends giving last year we sent each person home with enough for 2 meals. It is better to have too much instead of not enough. I am going to try to make a pizza with my leftovers this year. Until then, here are 100 different … Continue reading Leftovers.

Thanksgiving Week: Crock Pot Thanksgiving.

Hello Monday!! Only 1 more day of work until a little break. Of course, break time from a school means time to get better from whatever sickness the kids have given you. If you have a cold or flu like illness, well this post is sure to help you out this week. Is there really … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week: Crock Pot Thanksgiving.

Day 1 of Soup Week : Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup.

Hello, and welcome to Soup Week. Get ready for a week of soups. I made this soup ( Adapted from : The Candid Appetite ) and it was surprising. I wasn't a kale lover, and I still am not. But this soup was so much better than I expected. All the elements came together to make it … Continue reading Day 1 of Soup Week : Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup.