TGIF: Taco Bake

Taco's are a staple in our house. Instead of having taco night every single week, I attempt to find taco dishes that still give the great taco flavor but add in some extra flair. Check out GOODEness Gracious to find tons of great ideas for slow cooking & to see the recipe I adapted this from. If … Continue reading TGIF: Taco Bake


Manic Monday: Upside Down Meatball Casserole.

Today is the start of a small change in our lives, Ricky will be home almost every evening. Almost a normal 9-5 schedule. Almost being the key word. Now that he will be home for the dinners, he will have to eat whatever is made. It could get interesting. I think it will be great not only … Continue reading Manic Monday: Upside Down Meatball Casserole.

Skinny? Not so much. Delicious? Of Course!

No I will admit it, I am no size 2, or 4, or 6. But if i can eat something that looks good, taste good, and is easy as heck to cook, I am going to do just that, when is healthy is a great bonus. There are many meals that I have made that … Continue reading Skinny? Not so much. Delicious? Of Course!

When In France.

I couldn't put down this cookbook. "To build the living room before the kitchen of the house would be ruin." - Count of Neufchateau French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisoon is fantastic. Its a thick, and by thick I mean I almost lost a limb when I picked it up. It's 336 pages of photos, … Continue reading When In France.

Busy Day? Tell me about it.

It seems that the moment Autumn hits, so do invitations, appointments, and birthdays.  My calendar is the most filled during the months of September and October. It seems that dinners are either on the go, or something simple at home. I found a way to cook something delicious, and do it on a busy day. … Continue reading Busy Day? Tell me about it.

Soup: Tomato, Beef and Macaroni & Nosferatu.

This is a great start to the soup season. Don't forget about soup week in November/December. If you don't watch good old classic horror movies, then you might not know who/what Nosferatu is. Its basically the original vampire. It's a silent film, yes, silent. No spoken words, just music & words on the screen. It's … Continue reading Soup: Tomato, Beef and Macaroni & Nosferatu.

Upside Down & Dracula

This recipe is easy to make, bake, and take. Haha. I crack myself up. But really this is so simple to make and kids love it. I saw this recipe on A Treats Affair and put it into my Cook This folder. Normally Ricky is much harder to please when trying new things, but he loves … Continue reading Upside Down & Dracula

Party Snack: Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels!!

A few weeks ago Ricky and I attended at part at a friends house and we couldn't think of what to bring. Of course theres always wine, chips & dip, or beer. But we wanted to bring food, and something that was different. I found these pinwheels online and thought that they looked simple enough to … Continue reading Party Snack: Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels!!

Dijon Chuck Roast. For The Falling Flake Season.

Looking for something to cook when the flakes start to fall. I am not dreaming of a White Christmas just yet, but this dish really is a comfort meal for those cold nights. It did take a bit more time than I preferred since I cooked it after I got home from work. Literally, I came … Continue reading Dijon Chuck Roast. For The Falling Flake Season.


Happy Sunday!! It's fall outside even the weather has agreed for once. We went to Pumpkinville earlier in the morning and enjoyed a fun corn maze, apple cider, and pumpkin donuts. Its a small place and not the closest area but so worth it. Perfect for family looking for a fun time out.  The great … Continue reading Pumpkinville & MEATBALL CASSEROLE!