Friday Eve: 40 clove chicken.

40? 40 cloves? 40 cloves of GARLIC? Yes. It's a boat load of garlic. It's stinky deliciousness. It does come out of your pores.  I was terrified to use so much garlic. Who even decided, hey i've got chicken but the only other item I have is garlic. Lets just use all 40 cloves. If … Continue reading Friday Eve: 40 clove chicken.

Sunday Special. Rings & Things.

Hi stranger. Long time no chat. Lets jump back into some grub & stuff. Today's special is a double feature. Crescent rolls are so easy to incorporate into a meal. Its a side, its a main dish, you can stuff it, flatten it, roll it up. The buttery taste and fluffy texture really hits home. … Continue reading Sunday Special. Rings & Things.

Feeling Veggie?

Vegetable soup is one of those soups that are versatile. Chicken soup must have chicken, tomato soup has tomatoes, the list can go on. BUT, vegetable soup can have meats in it, different broths, different vegetables, added tomatoes, spices, and herbs. Its a never ending list. This soup was fun to create, and easy to … Continue reading Feeling Veggie?

Cherry Cheesecake Bars & Young Frankenstein.

After watching all these movies cooking food I did realize that none of them are themed or matched up well. I have found some Christmas movies that are easy to pair food, snacks, and drinks with.   I think it should be a theme week!!   I'll get on that the day after Halloween.   … Continue reading Cherry Cheesecake Bars & Young Frankenstein.

Upside Down & Dracula

This recipe is easy to make, bake, and take. Haha. I crack myself up. But really this is so simple to make and kids love it. I saw this recipe on A Treats Affair and put it into my Cook This folder. Normally Ricky is much harder to please when trying new things, but he loves … Continue reading Upside Down & Dracula

Mustard Chicken & Frankenstein.

Frankenstein you say? Of, course! I had a nice calendar made with all of my "halloween" movies and then I apparently went into a daze and woke up on October 8th. I noticed my house didnt have as much decor up and I wanted, nor was my list of movies being touched. So as I … Continue reading Mustard Chicken & Frankenstein.

Spaghetti with Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

Good afternoon/evening depending on where you are. A few days ago when it was cold out I make this pasta dish. I am personally not a fan on lentils but the family loved it. It was a different taste, but not in a bad way. It does take some time to create this meal, but … Continue reading Spaghetti with Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

Ranch chicken tacos

What is better than tacos? Not much. But these Ranch Chicken Tacos come in close. It's simple to follow, not expense to make, and taste great! Ricky wasn't having it, since i said tacos and he saw chicken. But he did eat it, with a small amount of toppings on it!   Adapted From: Real … Continue reading Ranch chicken tacos

Where in London?

The London Cookbook by Aleksandra Crapanzano This book is the adventures of the author Aleksandra Crapanzano in London.In search of tahini cookies, she ended up with a fantastic book filled with delicious recipes.  It has so many dishes from the top restaurants, cafes, and hole in the walls. I couldn't wait to try some of these! … Continue reading Where in London?

Cooking Korean. (Clever, I know)

Recently I received a new cookbook to review called Cook Korean by Robin Ha. Here is her blog: Blogspot. It's filled with all the fun things she does, included her amazing art. This cookbook is basically a comic style written book, the food contains mainly korean ingredients, which I don't have access to some of them … Continue reading Cooking Korean. (Clever, I know)