The Spicy Bite: Jalapeño Bites

Need an appetizer for a party? or maybe something to snack on? These bites are perfect. You create the sizes so if you want a lot of bite size pieces cut them smaller. Simple. I have made these a dozen times and can finally make them without looking anything up like th amount of cream … Continue reading The Spicy Bite: Jalapeño Bites

Cherry Cheesecake Bars & Young Frankenstein.

After watching all these movies cooking food I did realize that none of them are themed or matched up well. I have found some Christmas movies that are easy to pair food, snacks, and drinks with.   I think it should be a theme week!!   I'll get on that the day after Halloween.   … Continue reading Cherry Cheesecake Bars & Young Frankenstein.

Party Snack: Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels!!

A few weeks ago Ricky and I attended at part at a friends house and we couldn't think of what to bring. Of course theres always wine, chips & dip, or beer. But we wanted to bring food, and something that was different. I found these pinwheels online and thought that they looked simple enough to … Continue reading Party Snack: Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels!!

It’s Easter, it’s Easter!! How About Some Onion Dip?

Onion Dip Even though we have a wonderful ham dinner on Easter Sunday, my family knows how to enjoy the snacks. If you have good snacks at a party and thats all, it's going to be a good time.  My father always told me people judge parties on 3 things. Food. Music. Booze. I came … Continue reading It’s Easter, it’s Easter!! How About Some Onion Dip?

Autumn? Is that you? Apple Pie Bites

It's almost officially fall. As I have said before, and i'm sure I will say it again, I LOVE pumpkin! As long as it's enjoyed during September, October & November.  This includes any type of pumpkin food. Literally. I now have in my possession, pumpkin cream cheese, bagels, coffee, coffee creamer, oatmeal, yogurt, and even some … Continue reading Autumn? Is that you? Apple Pie Bites